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We're Jelly of the month club here to tell you why

everybody needs to learn about pi 

not Apple Cherry boysenberry chocolate

or meringue but a never-ending number that rules

A constant that constantly will blow your mind

a ratio of the irrational kind

circumference divided by diameter and 

Pi is what you get



There's a pop quiz after this part so everybody

study hard we know pi to the 26th Place

now here's a solo that will melt your face

Is it 90210?

no that's a 90 show.

25 or 6 to 4?

no that's Chicago

Is it 867-5309?

what no that's Tommy Tutone

Is it 562-321-4365?

 no that's my cell phone number

please nobody call me you guys don't remember Pi 

just a recap


any questions?

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