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Mic Dangerously 


Doctor Todd

Jon jon

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scotty hollywood

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Jelly of the Month Club is a “family band” that inspires, educates, and entertains kids and adults of all ages. Jelly focuses on introducing music to developing minds—we use diverse musical instrumentation, humorous stories, educational messages, and universal values in our original compositions. Jelly has played countless civic events and at children's hospitals, elementary schools, baseball games, luxury resorts, and amusement parks across the country. Our music has been featured on numerous radio and television stations, in movies and at theme parks.


Being a band of passionate music educators, the band launched a virtual music education curriculum - The jelly of the month club music academy at - for early elementary music education.

jelly holds an annual residency at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California for the two month Charles Shultz Peanut Celebration. We've worked with countless organizations including Children's hospital of orange county, Millers Children's Hospital, CSR Children's Foundation, Long Beach Girl Scouts, Scottsdale's Fairmont Princess Resort, Cedar Fair Theme Park in Minnesota, The St. Paul Saints semi-pro baseball team, Mouseroar Productions, and the LA Education Through Music Program. Jelly plans to release its third full length album and launch the jelly of the month club animated variety show in 2025.




Jelly jammers 


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Adrian Young

Mark Hoppus

Angelo Moore

Bud Gaugh

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Stan Freese

Marshall Goodman


Tom Dumont

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Mr Crumb

J Bird

Cole Riddle

Bert Susanka

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