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Lemonade Stand Off


Oh what a lovely day to sell some lemonade 

I'm gonna set up shop and sell it on my block

I'll need some sugar, lemons, Ice, a table, and a sign

come try Toddy’s lemonade - It only costs a dime, for a limited time


Oh what is this I see? No, no this cannot be 

this kid across the street named Crumb is trying to copy me

oh the audacity, oh the humanity

there ain't no way you're selling lemonade on Maple Street


Ya well, I got the perfect spot

more shade than you have got

and all I've gotta say that my stand is better than yours

Well I got a lemon tree in my backyard you see my lemons are infinity

Ya my stand is better than yours

my juice is freshly squeezed 

so vitaminly C and that can only mean that my stands better than yours

well maybe in your dreams you sweeten artificially

It tastes like salty sour peanut butter rancid anchovies and rotten moldy cheese


When it comes to a stand off I'm a wizard like Gandolf 

mine is the most majestic mystic lemonisticly around

I can sell it out in the cold to a family of Eskimos 

In fact the first to get the sale wins the bet and the other has to close


Then old man Bert from around the way stopped at Todd’s for some lemonade

he said, "I'm so thirsty I'll drink 10 straight up" 

then Todd he realized he did not have cups

Then Crumb said "come on now Mr. Bert

sure love your Hawaiian shirt (why thanks)

how bout some ready made country style lemonade" 

I'll take one icy chilled can you break a 20-dollar bill?


uh oh this is strange I don't have any change

You don't have that he don't have this

this is quite ridiculous 

you two should form a partnership cuz two heads are better than one

Iit's painful to admit but we would get more done

and we both would benefit cuz two heads are better than one

Hey crumb what do ya say I bet we'd have some fun together selling lemonade 

cuz two heads are better than one

working together is a way to get it done

now the lemonade is better there's no comparison

We use a hint of lime grown in the summer sun, our lemonade tastes so sublime cuz two heads are better than one

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