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Dolphins And Porpoises


Dolphins and porpoises; they are not fish, 

they are small whales

they breathe air just like we do

they have skin not scales

lots of folks think that they are the same

but porpoises are smaller and shy

dolphins are playful and their brains are about the same size as mine


echolocation is how a dolphin 

likes to get around

they've got sonar like a submarine

it's like a seeing eye dog for sound

dolphins like to stick together in pods, schools, or herds

Yellow fin tuna like to join them for dinner and come back for seconds and thirds


some dolphins shed their outer skin 

about every two hours

that's why their skin is so smooth and even smoother in two hours

porpoises are fast swimmers with a speed of 34 mph

and their thick blubber keeps them warm and it even keeps them safe

most dolphins live in the ocean but a few kinds live in fresh water

dolphins and porpoises are mammals that live in the sea

(our next topic: sea otters)


dolphins and porpoises are excellent communicators 

that means what's for lunch

that means spend your parents' money on aging rock stars CD's, kids

I actually don't know what that one means

wait a minute you can't say that on a children's record

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