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Welcome To The Carnival


Welcome to the carnival

witness the wonders of the world

step right up and test your strength and see the bearded girl

at the carnival... you won't believe your eyes

leave you second guessing guaranteed to mesmerize 

well if you've got the gold and want your fortune told lady Esmerelda will look into your soul here at the carnival

We'll take away your breath, fill you full of goosebumps, and we'll scare you half to death...

Welcome to the carnival!


Well all you Misses and you Misters welcome to tonight's affair

on this bliss enchanted evening there's a mist throughout the air

so crisp that you can kiss the mysteries that lurk the fair

with our whispers we'll make history

come join us if you dare!


We've got a house of mirrors

you'll see yourself so silly that you'll laugh yourself to tears

at the carnival

Cotton candy's currency

but it leaves your fingers sticky and it rots away your teeth

now tell me who's afraid of a haunted house

go ahead and lose your mind we got a lost and found

our clowns will swallow swords and they fit 20 to a car

don't miss the one eyed gypsy when he's playing his guitar


Welcome to the carnival!


Funnel cakes, ventriloquists, & mimes and puppeteers

a juggling unicycle is in a haunted house of mirrors

acrobatic elephants trapezing through the air

a freak show that's so shocking you can't help but not to stare

a snake taming strongman with a flair for spinning blades

a fire eating monkey who can guess your age and weight

Calendars and caricature your face onto a poster

A tilt a whirl you'll surely hurl on the fastest roller coaster


The carnival has come to town

tell me have you seen the clowns on the merry go round?

We are the clowns on the merry go round

we like to ride it upside down

we sometimes smile and we sometimes frown

we're the clowns on the merry go round

Welcome to the carnival, you must not wait to step inside these wooden gates

Audiences levitate before your very eyes.

We've got every sight to see underneath this canopy 

There is no other place to be to occupy your time


Welcome to the carnival!!  

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