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Brand New Friend


Mr. Bullfrog sitting on a lily pad singing a song

he's been hopping along all day

He loves to sing and play his guitar every evening in the swampy marsh....all alone, always


He never hung out on the log with any of the other frogs

for a while he was on his own

Then one day Mr. Firefly heard the frog and he stopped on by he said "Hey there Frog I'm a banjo player. Let's make this a duo what do you say"

the frog said..

Wah, Wah Wah

There's nothing like a brand new friend


So Mr. Bullfrog and Mr. Firefly singing their songs

they're both playing along all day

they love to sing and strum those guitars every evening in the swampy marsh

Then one day Mr. Bullfrog said,

he said "hey there Mr. Firefly, you think there's someone that we could find that knows how to play the xylophone?"

Then right out of the everglades popped out Mr. Alligator he said

"my name's Mr. Alligator as you know. And I love to play my xylophone."

Wah, Wah, Wah

There's nothing like a brand new friend

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